The Daily Fail: Madonna

Celebrities like to jump on all sorts of international social causes -- whether it's helping out Haitian earthquake victims or the ever popular help for Darfur.

Mostly, for whatever reason, a lot of them shy away from social causes within our own borders. Can we get some entertainers to help get teachers some more money for crying out loud?

But, then again, maybe they should keep their mouths shut for any kind of cause -- or even expressing an opinion about it -- if Madonna is any kind of example.

These days, the hot button topic is kids getting bullied in school, and, since Madonna is a mother, even she has an opinion about it.

Granted, bullying seems to have become an epidemic on campuses from grade school to college -- if you believe that damn liberal media. Anyway, Madonna seems to think that bullying is on par with the lynching of blacks and even the holocaust.


I don't think genocide or any kind can be compared to giving a kid a wedgie or calling him a pussy, do you? Can you really compare the extermination of millions of Jews or the murder of Emmett Till to an punk ass middle-schooler? I haven't seen any students rounded up and put into completely stuffed railroad cars and hauled off to camps never to be heard from again...

Not only is it completely unrelated, it's a little bit irresponsible.

Sure, you're trying to lend a voice to the choir already singing about this particular issue.

However, all you did was make yourself look foolish and ignorant.

Sorry, Madge: Fail.

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