The Daily Fail: Taylor Momsen

It's never really ever crossed my mind, but I would think that being a child actor isn't always that bad.

I mean, not everyone who is a child actor turns out so bad. Look at Mindy Cohn! Sure, you have to give up a lot of your childhood and miss out on things like prom and that sweet, sloppy first kiss. But, I would think that, at a certain point when you just don't want to do it anymore, you can just say no.



Taylor Momsen, the bitchy little sister from Gossip Girl (my wife watches it) started up a little band The Pretty Reckless and started getting as catty and bitchy as her character on her show. She took on the persona of a pissy little girl who hates everything... and is sad all the time.

It's a bitchy sad thing she's got going on.

It's going to be funny when she looks back on her late teens and cringes at how utterly childish she acted. From "exposing" her hooraybies on stage to blaming her parents for her shitty life as a child actress, she acts like nothing more than a petulant child. Which is kinda sad, because her music isn't that bad... for what it is.

Taylor: Lose the 'tude and leave the biz if you don't like it. No one made you get into a band, which is still technically show business. So, at this point, you have no one to blame--not even your parents.

So for your hypocritical stance on how bummed out you are, you fail.

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