The Daily Fail: Tribute Bands

Tribute bands... ugh.

From Jason Bonham's Zeppelin Experience to Peter Hook's, I guess, Joy Division Experience, the tribute band is a big sad ball of has-been. Or in Bonham's case, a never was.

Jason Bonham is a helluva drummer, I was personally excited when he joined up with the rest of the member of Zeppelin for the Ahmet Ertegun tribute a few years ago. There is not, and should not, be a better person to fill his dad shoes than him. But, being that he was in the band for about 10 minutes, does he really need to go around playing his dad's bands songs?

But, Peter Hook, I dunno what he's thinking. I've been a New Order fan for a long time and everything I've ever read about Hooky's days in Joy Division and New Order always centered around the fact that he was the most bull headed, mean spirited member of those bands. Always getting into fights and just generally being kind of a prick. Now that he's touring, playing Unknown Pleasures without any of the two remaining members is embarrassing.

Hook says he's looking at it as a celebration of Joy Division and it's music. But, if Bernard Sumner and Stephen Morris don't think it's a good idea, then is there much to really celebrate with 1/4 of the original band?

And if there are zero members of Zeppelin in Bonham's tribute band, then that's just sad.  I'm sure he loves the legacy his dad had with Zep, but, it seems like a journeyman drummer's last shot at the big time and his only shot to cash in.


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