The Dallas Observer Music Awards Ceremony Will Be Prom-Themed and Also Ridiculous

In just a few more days, it all happens: The 26th annual Dallas Observer Music Awards. This coming Saturday, we'll round up more than 60 of our favorite bands from North Texas and cram them all into venues around Deep Ellum for the Chevy Music Showcase North Texas Presents the Dallas Observer Music Awards (or just the "showcase" for lazy folks). There we'll all be treated to more than eight hours of live music spread across nine different clubs, and all for $15, available still at ticketfly.com. (Price at the door will be $20.)

But we shouldn't forget that not long after that -- exactly one week from today, in fact -- comes the Awards Ceremony at Granada Theater which is, after all, the reason we have this whole awards thing. (You know, for the awards.) And we're planning on going all out for the ceremony, too.

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Handing out awards is a serious business (or so we hear), but we want to make the occasion as fun and unique as possible. So, first thing's first: It's a prom. That's right, a prom. Which can mean a lot of things. It can mean awkward dancing. It can also mean tacky dressing. (It can also mean a drunken shit show, but we're not trying to make that happen, per se. It just kind of happens naturally, anyway.)

In honor of the occasion, we ask all attendees dress up in appropriate attire. Now, we know it's not a given that musicians like to dress up, or even that they own a suit or fancy dress. And that's okay. Everyone brings their own unique spin to things, and that's all we ask: Go all out, and just do you. All we're saying is it's more fun when y'all dress up.

For the third year running, the emcee for the evening's festivities will be Paul Varghese, and we'll have four of the nominated bands performing throughout the night. Those four include Blue, the Misfit, Goodnight Ned, Party Static and Sealion. (Party Static guitarist Brett Strawn informs us he's bought a blazer specifically for this occasion. We can't wait.)

Unlike in years past, there won't be a "special," non-DOMA headliner (like say the Polyphonic Spree, who performed last year). Instead, in keeping with the prom theme, we'll be crowning a prom king and queen later in the night, who will be voted on during the course of the night in an open-ballot format using some good old ballot boxes that will be located in the theater. There may also be a prize awaiting the best dressed attendees. Who said anything about a popularity contest?

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The best thing about the ceremony? It's all free to attend and open to the public. The only stipulation is that you must be 21 years of age. (We also insist that everyone has a good time.) Festivities at the Granada kick off at 8 p.m.

So while we busy ourselves watching the DOMA voting as it goes down to the wire, go ahead and find yourself a date, unpack your nice clothes (or one of your dad's old suits) and get ready to party. It's going to be a blast.


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