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The Dallas Symphony Orchestra So Played The Legend of Zelda

The Dallas Symphony Orchestra Plays The Legend of Zelda Music The Meyerson Symphony Center Tuesday, January 10

Better Than: Playing the games in 1998. Also, the childish "in your face, in your face!" chant I'm going to throw at my mom later for all those years she limited me to "one hour" of Nintendo.

About 1.5 million years ago, when the humanoid species Homo Habilis was learning to scrape rotting meat off carrion, they had no freaking idea that a music hall would be packed to the brim with evolved humans watching a video game symphony.

Which is exactly what happened last night, in the year 2012 Anno Domini. If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, conductor Eimear Noone (who's preggers, by the way) and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra performed a four-movement symphony showcasing the triumphant music from 25 years of the Legend of Zelda franchise. This performance kicked off a nationwide tour.

And, let me tell you. It. Was. Freaking. Triumphant. Oh my, how rarely do events happen with more epic. If an F5 tornado ripped through the ceiling of the Meyerson, not one person would have noticed because it would have been part of the epicness.

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Nick Rallo
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