The DC9 At Night/Good Records Challenge #3: DJ Sober

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We are back with another Good Records challenge! Did you miss us? We have presents for you because we care not only about winning your affection, but keeping it!

Once again, we've taken some of our favorite talents and tastemakers and forced them to make decisions. You know the drill: we give them $50, five minutes, and demand to know what would they add to their current music collection. And then we give it to you. See, presents! Plus, we're going to throw in a pair of tickets to Saturday's Gorilla vs. Bear II show.

Our next victim? Will Rhoten, a.k.a. DJ Sober, fresh off a West Coast tour with A.Dd+. Sober is pulling double duty at the anticipated GVBII at the Granada Theater, and in addition to serving as house DJ for the evening, A.Dd+ will take over the stage in a performance slot.

I asked Sober if he had any strategies going in. "Well," he said, surveying the store, "I think I will just start with the As." Later, he'll start to wonder if he could have gotten more bang for his buck by sourcing the used music rack.

No matter, he still turned out the goods. The picks:

Roy Ayers, You Send Me ESG, A South Bronx Story 2 Tommy Guerrero, Return of the Bastard Puro Instinct, Stilyagi

Special thanks to Catherine Downes and Daniel Rodrigue for images and video. If you want a chance to win Sober's goods plus two tickets to GVBII, just email us here.

See DJ Sober tonight (and every Thursday) at Beauty Bar, and Saturday at Gorilla vs. Bear Fest II.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.