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The Dividends Premiere a New Song Featuring Raekwon

The Dividends, the collaborative project between singer and songwriter Sarah Jaffe and Grammy Award-winning producer Symbolyc One (S1), piqued our curiosity with the announcement that they were working together on a new EP.

Since we learned of the project, the duo has already gained momentum when news that a track combining their efforts would be featured on Eminem's highly anticipated The Marshall Mathers LP 2. And while we still must wait just a little longer for The Dividends' EP, Far From Away, we get another taste of these two at work with the new single "Fools Gold," featuring Raekwon, released today.

Just more icing on the collaboration cake.

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A little history between Raekown and S1 led to an easy joining of these three, S1 tells us. "I've been knowing and working with Raekwon on his album for some time now so when Sarah and I created 'Fools Gold,' it was only right that I get him to bless that one for us. We're such huge fans of Raekwon and Wu-Tang. His album Only Built for Cuban Linx is easily in my top five albums of all time."

As for whether the EP focuses on guests of this nature or on the two as a duo, Jaffe clarifies, "At this point it's mostly S1 and myself. But sometimes a track we do will lend itself to collaborating with another artist ... like Raekwon with 'Fools Gold.' S1 contacted him very quickly after we had already tracked the song -- he knew Raekwon would be perfect for it."

So, we don't have an official date for Far From Away but you do have a little more to grow on. Head on over to VIBE to stream the new track featuring Raekwon.

The winter is no hibernation period for these two. Jaffe is currently on tour with Midlake and will hit Dallas for a headlining show at the Granada on January 25. S1 has just added another Grammy nomination to his resume via his work on Kanye West's Yeezus.

I wonder just how hard I need to cross my fingers to see Jaffe and S1 onstage together in January. Even for just a minute. "You would have to cross them pretty damn hard," she tells me, "But then again ... maybe I shouldn't rule it out."

Agreed. Ruling it out would be foolish.

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