The Dodos
The Dodos

The Dodos' Logan Kroeber Names For Us His All-Time Top Five Bay Area (Musical) Giants.

Earlier this week, when Meric Long of the San Francisco-based band The Dodos told us about some of his earliest concert-going experiences, our Eric Grubbs noted that the band "plays folk, but with a kick to it."

Give their Live from Akropolis, Prague album a listen, as well as their most recent release, No Color, and it's easy to see why we heartily agree with that sentiment. For us, the "kick" that Grubbs refers to is represented in the way that Long and his fellow Dodo, Logan Kroeber, add a healthy dose of well-placed -- and quickly paced, at that -- joyous noise into their folky mix.

Thanks to a higher-profile gained through not only their handful of quality releases, but through touring with high-quality headliners such as The New Pornographers, The Dodos have more than earned their spot at the top of bills these days. Their own headlining tour makes its way to The Loft in Dallas tonight, and since we've heard from Long already, we thought it might be cool to chat a bit with Kroeber and ask him to name for us his All-Time Top Five Bay-Area bands.

The Dodos' All-Time Top Five Bay Area Bands

1. Metallica
I know they've become a joke to most people -- and I can fully understand that -- but their first three records are still so amazing. I was so captivated by their sound when I was a kid. As far as "world-class" acts from The Bay, they've got to be my favorites.
2. Creedence Clearwater Revival
Most people think these guys are from Mississippi or something. I know I did. But they're from El Cerrito, California. Killer guitar sound, rad drumming and one of the most recognizable voices in rock music. CCR is usually the best thing playing on most classic rock radio stations.
3. The Dead Kennedys
I grew up with my older brother listening to these guys all of the time. Awesome punk rock with moments of surf guitar riffage, fronted by one of the most funny and cynical lyricists ever. And on a more modern note...
4. Kelley Stoltz
He's a local pop songwriter and home recording hero. I was lucky enough to see him early on, and I got into his second and third records big-time. He inspired me heavily to just make music.
5. Thee Oh Sees
One of the best party bands of all time. And yet you can still listen to their records at home while doing the dishes and they'll stoke you out in a different, non-sweaty, way.

The Dodos perform tonight at The Loft

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