The Door Offering Locals Spots on Wildflower Festival

It's nothing unusual for The Door to host a battle of the bands event. The club seems to have at least one a month whether here (May 16) or in Fort Worth (this Saturday). But come April 26, The Door's battle takes a different angle. Bands wanting to become almost famous can compete in The Door's Wildflower! Arts and Music Festival Battle. The club's usual rules don't apply here, but there are a strict set of them here. Three bands will advance on to the festival in Richardson, known mostly for taunting '80s and '90s has-been artists with a chance at potential relevance. Fortunately, it's the fans that benefit this year as the bill features the likes of Pat Benatar, Bret Michaels, Loverboy, Eve 6 and more for a hella cheaper ticket than Superpages, which has been hosting the same types of concerts. On the other end of the spectrum will be three locals that have a chance at suburban stardom and maybe can schmooze their way into opening up for, oh say, Blue Oyster Cult. -- Rich Lopez

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