The Eagles, Polyphonic Spree and More Top Show Announcements

Happy mid-workweek, everyone. Thank you for taking a moment to slip away from the open Free Cell and Craigslist windows on your work computer, to visit this once-a-week show announcements post, which have been kind of amazing lately.

Now then, on to the million-dollar question: The Eagles or no? Go.

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The Eagles Friday, October 11, at American Airlines Center Tickets go on sale Saturday, June 15, for another one of those legendary bands that people either absolutely love or completely hate.

Polyphonic Spree Friday, August 9, at Granada Theater, $22 Not only are they coming back to their old stomping grounds for a show at Granada, but The Spree are celebrating on August 9.

The Tenors Friday, June 28, at Winspear Opera House, $25-$55 The Tenors exploded onto the worldwide scene about five years ago, and have since then performed their classical music and contemporary pop at more than 600 concerts around the world.

Wintersun, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Arsis, Starkill Saturday, August 31, at House of Blues, $22/$25 Wintersun are big in Finland for their folk metal. Why yes, there is an elaborate double-concept album in the works.

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros Thursday, September 5, at Palladium Ballroom You know who else has a big complicated backstory? This 11-piece LA band. Come for the singles, stay for the randy messiah figure.

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