The Feds' Matt Slider at Wednesday's show. (Chelsea Ide)

The Feds at SXSW

Most of the songs I've heard by Dallas'

The Feds

had me thinking they were a radio band. But, I tell you, The Feds are straight-up rock when it comes to the live show. The band had great stage presence at its 8 p.m. Wednesday show on the back patio of Spiro's. Vocalist Matt Slider's throaty screams, the guitarists' enticing melodies and the southern rock-ish rhythms came together to produce a tight and unique sound, particularly on songs like "Big Foot Goes to Heaven."

The Feds still have commercial appeal, but their sound is far from manufactured. Plus, the fact that Slider looks like recent Project Runway winner Christian Siriano doesn't hurt. See a couple more photos from the show after the jump.

The Feds at SXSW

The Feds next SXSW show is 2:15 p.m. Friday, March 14, at the Thirsty Nickel. -- Chelsea Ide

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