The Finn Brothers

The unjustly neglected titan of Accessible Pop has returned for a second round of family creation with his notoriously volatile brother. New Zealands beloved Neil and Tim Finn first tried being a duo on 1995s Finn, producing two singles, with the rest of the album quickly forgotten by all but die-hard fans. The same may happen to Everyone Is Here. Neils astute songwriting has naturally progressed into a more conservative zone, and unfortunately, the first single off the record is the rather adult-contemporary Wont Give In. Musically fulfilling, but not exactly the stuff to attract a new audience. All Gods Children is a refreshing, intelligent and upbeat tune that could follow Modest Mouse on a playlist, but the album as a whole, like Finn, is hit-or-miss, and thats largely the result of Tims lack of vocal control (Luckiest Man Alive) and sometimes downright pathetic delivery (All the Colours). With Neil having penned solid tracks for Split Enz, Crowded House and their current collaborations, its clear who the musical darling is. Had this been his solo album, it would probably be less about sibling issues and vocally more pleasant. It just seems like big brother horned in on what couldve been a strong addition to Neils discography. As it is, its destined to fade into a Gentle Hum.
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