The Five-Minute DC9 At Night/Good Records Challenge!

Welcome to the inaugural Five-Minute DC9 At Night/Good Records Challenge! Here, we take some of our favorite touring artists and the occasional Dallas personality to that treasured musical playground, Good Records, for our own version of Supermarket Sweep, to see what they come up with.

The challenge: $50 and five minutes in Good Records. The contestant will be charged with selecting the next additions to their record collection, with a photographer following them around, reminding them how the time is slip, slipping away.

Our first contestant: Sarah Jaffe

In one corner, you'll see the recent Dallas Observer cover girl and impressive funny-voice maker. Seriously, we knew she could sing, but are you aware of the funny voices this lady possesses? Someone give her a cartoon.

In the other corner is me, uh, with a timer. And Jacob, a fave among the Good Records staff. He was busy on a phone call.

And we are off! Jaffe's strategy is to quickly browse the new releases for CDs whose singles have caught her attention and hit the vinyl for some surprise finds.

Jack White, Blunderbuss "I think Jack White is a phenomenal musician and he is actually one of my favorite drummers. I don't own any White Stripes records. I have a few Dead Weather tracks but I don't have any of his full albums from his projects. I have heard great things from others about this record and the tracks I have heard on KXT I really, really like. I like the bareness and I am ... intrigued."

Sharon Van Etten, Tramp "I love Sharon. I played with her at SXSW in 2010 at a church and her set was hauntingly beautiful. The automatic reverence that comes with playing in a church was perfect for her set, and made me forget I was at SXSW. I love her voice, and I like her demeanor when she plays. I recently saw her play a new track from Tramp on Jimmy Kimmel and I really loved it. I think she is a star."

Serge Gainsbourg, "Gainsbourg Percussions" "I am a massive of fan of Serge Gainsbourg. I saw this album and I don't have it and I have never seen it or heard of it. It says "Gainsbourg Percussions", so I am wondering if it's just drums. Just Gainsbourg's drummer playing ... without music. Whatever it is, someone is in luck, even if it's just a drummer playing to a click track. This isn't just any drummer, this is Serge Gainsbourg's drummer!"

Jaffe's upcoming tour behind latest LP The Body Wins will launch in Austin on Friday, and hits Dallas on Saturday, May 5 at the Granada. Want to win two tickets to Saturday's show plus the loot from Sarah's challenge? Email us and tell us why. We'll announce a winner tomorrow!

P.S. If you win, let us know about that Gainsbourg album! Is it just drums?

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