The Frenz Go "Nude" On Radiohead Remix

Looks like local eccentric Wanz Dover’s latest music project, The Frenz, has submitted an entry to the Radiohead Remix project.

Anyone can enter the competition. Here's how it works: Contestants purchase components of the track “Nude” (from the band’s In Rainbows), add or delete various elements as desired, and then upload their finished remixes to the site. The Top Ten vote-receivers are displayed on the project’s home page.

The Frenz entry, "NUDE (THE FRENZ VS THE HOLY MOUNTAIN DUB)", adds glitchy percussion and a jazz piano part--and then soaks Thom Yorke’s vocals in deep reverb. I haven't seen Alejandro Jodorowski’s 1973 psychedelic opus The Holy Mountain--it’s on my Netflix queue, honest--so I'm not sure what the tie-in is, but knowing Dover’s enthusiasm for that film, there’s got to be one. You can vote for it or any other entry until May 1.

If any other locals have submitted remixes to this competition, let us know in the comments section below. --Jesse Hughey


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