The Good Friday Edition of Good Friday, With Acid Mothers Temple, The Singapore Slingers, Pontiak and More

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If you live in or have passed through Deep Ellum in the last few days, you've noticed the white tents crowding the streets. That's because it's time for the Deep Ellum Arts Festival. The event, which has seen better days, is now in its 17th year, and will feature performances from The Virgin Wolves, Seryn, Brave Combo and a handful of other local acts.

There are lots of other things to do this weekend as well. We've already mentioned shows like Childish Gambino at Palladium Ballroom on Saturday and 2 Chainz at Main Street Event Center tonight in the print section.

Acid Mothers Temple
Friday, April 6, at The Prophet Bar

Japanese psych act Acid Mothers Temple have been around as long as the Deep Ellum Arts Festival has. This is their second show in Dallas in as many years, thanks to Tactics Productions, who brought them in both times. Certainly worth checking out if you want to get a peek at the Arts Festival from afar.

The Burning Hotels, Quiet Company, Smile Smile, Analog Rebellion
Friday, April 6, at Dada

...Or you could just jump right into the Deep Ellum melee, in which case, Dada has a show that rivals any of the other 100 bands playing in the neighborhood. It's a good mix of mostly local bands, with the exception of Austin's Quiet Company.

The Rocket Summer
Friday, April 6, at Six Flags Amphitheater

The last time I saw a show at Six Flags Amphitheater it was a live performance of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I can't say that the kids at this Rocket Summer show will be much older than I was at that time.

The Singapore Slingers, Kristy Kruger
Friday, April 6, at The Kessler Theater

This is a pretty interesting line-up tonight at The Kessler. Kristy Kruger is known for her folk-based, deeply emotive songwriting, whereas The Singapore Slingers are a 1920s-inspired big band. 

Summer Twins, Russian History Class, Peopleodian, Aaron Barker
Friday, April 6, at Queen City Hall

California dream pop act Summer Twins will be at Queen City Hall along with locals Peopleodian and Aaron Barker. It's certainly one of the best shows going on tonight, and a good opportunity to check out the still-kinda-new venue.

Crawfish Boil
Saturday, April 7, at Dan's Silverleaf

Nothing to see here. Just a crawfish boil at Dan's. The way the weather's been for the last few days, you'd be hard-pressed to find anything better for your Saturday afternoon. 

Go West Fest
Saturday, April 7, at The Nest Gallery

And just like that, the West side strikes back, one upping East Dallas' Indie Crawl with an actual festival. Ten bands, including Madison King, J. Charles and the Train Robbers and Somebody's Darling will perform. Don't expect the East side to take this sitting down. From what we understand, plans for a flash mob are already underway.

Pontiak, True Widow
Saturday, April 7, at LaGrange

Yet another psych band brought to you by Tactics Productions, only this one's not from Japan. They're from Washington D.C. Hard to say whether that makes them better or worse. The only way to tell is to go to both shows.

Relient K
Saturday, April 7, at Six Flags Amphitheater

That's what I love about Christian rock bands. They get older, but the fans stay the same age.

Xibalba, Soul Search, Modern Pain, Real Talk, Degenerate
Saturday, April 7, at Queen City Hall

The photo here kind of says it all.

Lost Generation Soul Party
Sunday, April 8, at Arcade Bar

It's hard to beat a Wanz Dover DJ set. He's been on a psych/soul/garage kick for a while now, and I can't think of a better way to spend Easter Sunday.

...and that's it from us. Everyone have a good Good Friday, a good Easter, and we'll see you back here on Monday.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.