The JC Experience Runs From Hooligans, Asks You Check Out Their Show Tomorrow Night

Surely, you know John Pegido and Chad Stockslager, each of whom stands alone as quite the player in the local music scene, the former for his work in The O's and Boys Named Sue, the latter for his work in The King Bucks and The Drams.

But perhaps you're still not aware of their combined comedy venture, the JC Experience? Well, the above video goes a long way in explaining it, but here's a little more background: For well over a year at this point, the two have joined forces to put on a recurring, live, variety-type comedy show at La Grange in Deep Ellum. There are usually special guests. There's almost always some sort of music involved. It's a good time.

Tomorrow night, they return to La Grange to bring on their sixth installment in their efforts. I know who the special guests are. They're pretty special -- maybe even so special that one of them is penning this here blog post. Get your tickets here, and let the hilarity ensue.

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