The Melvins, Big Business

Before sky, sun and moon, there were the Melvins. These primal Northwest lumberjacks have been laying out their eccentric, riffy slabs since the dawn of man (actually since debut Gluey Porch Treatments, circa 1987). Unfazed by trends, wars or Seattle suicides, the now-frosty-fro'd King Buzzo and Dale Crover have simply never stopped, and this year marks the release of album number "we lost count around 20," appropriately named A Senile Animal. It's their best pure rock record in years, partially because of a new twist: a second drummer. Rest assured, however, Dale Crover is still Dale Fucking Crover behind the skins. But right about the time the duo recruited their 10,000th bassist, Jared Warren from Hydra Head bashers Big Business, somebody had the brainstorm to make it a package deal and take on Warren's bandmate, the formidable Coady Willis, as well. The result: a huge, dirty pairing of the Melvins and Big Business, who open the night with their godheadSilo-like drum-and-bass assault.
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Michael Chamy