The North Texas Hip-Hop Showcase Grand Prize Winners

Earlier this week, we told you about our North Texas hip-hop showcase prize package, which includes (among other things) the best seats in the house at the big event tonight at the Granada. That event, again: Six of the area's best hip-hop artists, plus singer Jaeson Green and DJ Jay Clipp. It's $15 and doors open tonight at 8 p.m. All you had to do to win the prize package, meanwhile, was a good deed for North Texas hip-hop.

Many of you entered -- the faith is strong. But despite strong efforts from the likes of Thomas Daniell, who made a song/flyer for the show, there could be only two. Here they are:


Winner number one is Katie Scott for her entry that involved waiting three hours in line to see A.Dd+ and -topic last month, buying -topic's new record and, most critically, playing it enough that "I Just Wanna Chill" became her four-year-old daughter's favorite song. Here she is singing the hook in a Vine Katie posted:

And winner number two is Phil Smith. He and his friends printed a bunch of flyers for this show, which was great, but what really earned him the prize was the story he posted on the DC9 Facebook page, which includes this passage:

I went back the next night, saw Slim sitting at the bar, congratulated him on the show at Trees with Topic & Spitta a couple nights ago, and gave him my 2nd to last cigarette, which was my lucky one.

You give Slim Gravy your lucky cigarette, you've done a good deed, my friend. Details have been sent to you both. A reminder of what, exactly, they've each won:

-Two exceptional tickets to the show tonight -Two A.Dd+ t-shirts -A pair of tickets to Gorilla vs. Bear Fest 4 -Two Granada t-shirts -Two A.Dd+ albums -Two North Texas Hip-Hop Showcase posters

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