The Orbans

Many bands struggle with the task of writing a good hook. You know, that one part in the chorus that gets stuck in your head and refuses to leave.

Fort Worth band The Orbans has no such problem. Their debut album, When We Were Wild, is so full of pop hooks that there is almost no discernable lead single on here. It's all good. The band agrees with that much, describing the disc as an album full of singles written and saved up in the years leading up to this debut. And it's a varied effort, too: "Don't Lose Yourself" and "Like a Liar" rely on a heavy twang; pop-rock powerhouses "New Dress" and "Barely Someone Known" display a mastery of that genre.

And it's this blending of styles that truly makes When We Were Wild such an impressive release. Singer/songwriter Peter Black has basically guaranteed that there's something for everyone on this record. Even the songs that aren't as catchy as the rest are deeply personal anthems about love and loss—things to which everyone can relate.


The Orbans

Really: If they weren't already considered one of the most talented acts in town, this album would position them as such.

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