The Police, Elvis Costello and the Impostors

Sorry, but this is heresy—must be a typo, eh? Elvis C. sharing a bill—and opening no less—for that shite lite-jazz-rock trio formerly known as The Police? At least you can boogie out of the shed early, before Sting and the geezers launch into their soggy soccer-mom redos of "Walking on the Moon" and "Synchronicity II" and all those other songs that lost their punk-pop luster somewhere between the acrimonious break-up and the profitable group hug. Elvis, though, he's in fine form—hasn't sounded so vital or vibrant since, oh, '96, give or take a decade, as the band tours behind the surprisingly essential Momofuku, which, I think, is the sound Sting makes as he counts your hard-earned.

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