The Quotable Breakup Society

On Friday, March 16, Phoenix-based band The Breakup Society rocked the patio stage at Habana Calle 6, during the Get Hip Records showcase. It was a miracle the garage/pop/rock band made the gig at all -- the group left Phoenix to make the drive to Austin late on Wednesday night, but they didn't arrive Thursday evening, thanks to a massive wreck on the I-10 Interstate involving Hazmat trucks. Once in Austin, the band frantically searched for a room, finally landing lodging at some Budget Inn that was nowhere near downtown.

The bad luck streak didn't seem to dampen the band's spirits, though -- when they got onstage to play a slew of songs from their catchy retro rock album, James at 35, the band was all energy (despite some hard-to-hear vocals), with front man Ed Masley doing Joe Strummer jumps and splits, and cracking jokes with the audience between songs. Here are some of his quotable quips:

"You're beautiful. But it could just be the lighting."

(Following the bass player's announcement that his microphone was shocking him): "The mic is shocking him, he says on the last night of his life."

"This is a love song. Aren't they all?"

"If you want to hear more lead guitar and less effectual rhythm guitar, shout out 'Turn it up.'"

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