The Tejas Brothers

Since their inception in 2006, Fort. Worth's Tejas Brothers have stood as one of the best live acts in Texas. And with the release of their second album, Rich Man, the Dave Perez-led quartet is once again proving itself one of the best bands in the state.

Not only does the group's talent transcend the various borders they call home, but their Tejano-meets-soul-meets-country-meets-rock palette of sound also soars well past simple categorization. Layering itself on top of each sonic concoction, Perez's vocals are impossibly rich, possessing an old-school crooner lushness that lends credibility to the band's forays into heartier bluesy terrain. Equally convincing, however, is the way in which Perez so clearly sings with a smile. With a tune like "Your Baby, Your Honey," it's unfathomable that anyone listening couldn't smile along with him.

While Texas is a well-tilled breeding ground for myriad genres, there's something inherently Texan in this band's Latin-flavored mixture that borders so many classic styles, even if we don't always see much of that combination performed. Well, not at the level of the Tejas Brothers, at least.


The Tejas Brothers

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