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The Ten Best Shows of the Summer in Dallas

This summer Dallas brought the heat when it came to live music offerings. From Queen Bey's legendary turn at American Airlines Center to Greg Barrett's genre mashing Animal House party at Sandaga 813, there were plenty of shows we'll still be talking about this time next year. We've narrowed the field to the 10 that best represented the diversity and dexterity that Dallas is working hard to be known for.

This list is a good indication of the solid talent that rolls through this city on the regular and is mirroring the progressive challenges being put forth in our own local music scenes.

10. Chvrches at Granada June 6 Review To Chvrches frontwoman, Lauren Mayberry, I want to be your dog. These Scots make profusely powerful poppy jams, and the audience at the Granada that night was on her short leash, being pulled and kicked into whatever direction she barked from on-stage.

DEF RAIN "Enemy" from MLEER on Vimeo.

9. Vulgar Fashion, Def Rain, Jenny Robinson and -topic at Sandaga August 9

Mixing hip-hop and rock can be a dangerous experiment. Throw in "live art" and things can get even dicier. Animal House somehow avoided the tropes, and delivered one of the summer's most interesting concerts, featuring genre-pushing artists like Jenny Robinson, Vulgar Fashion, Def Rain and -topic.

8. The Sword at Granada Theater July 25

Web editor Gavin Cleaver's son already did a bang-up job breaking down these metalheads. These Austinites came to crush our skulls with their blistering guitar riffs and sweltering swill of metal salvation. For a hot night in July it was almost like the Apocalypse was upon us.

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