Let These K-Pop Music Videos Hold You Until BTS’s Cotton Bowl Concert

BTS is one of K-Pop's biggest acts.EXPAND
BTS is one of K-Pop's biggest acts.
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This week, K-Pop phenomenon BTS announced they will be making a stop in Dallas with a performance at the Cotton Bowl on May 5. It’s time to give the world of Korean pop, known as K-Pop, the recognition it deserves. Whether or not you’re a fan of the genre, there’s no doubting the fact that these artists pour a lot of time, effort and talent into everything they create. There are countless music videos to choose from, but we narrowed down the top 10 most outrageous and visually stunning ones.

10. K/DA, “POP/STARS” (ft. Madison Beer, (G)I-DLE, Jaira Burns)
This League of Legends-inspired video is an animated dreamscape of bright neon, ridiculous cars and deeply colored urban landscapes. Each member of the group is mapped in to play a part in the game, creating a crazy narrative that intertwines with dance sequences set in front of vast and beautiful settings.

9. ??? (J.Y. Park), "FEVER (Feat. ???, BIBI)"
J.Y. Park’s video for “Fever” is a beautiful mixture of adorable and scandalous. It begins with his neighbor (Academy Award-winning actress Cho Yeo-Jeong) surprising him with rice cakes, sparking a crush that leads to a wild love affair in Park’s daydreams. It’s quirky, sexy and expertly shot. What’s not to love?

8. NCT 127 ??? 127, “Regular (English version)”
NCT 127 creates a seedy underworld of fast-paced and bright visuals, cut with powerfully choreographed scenes of the group. The visuals launch you into a video game, creating sequences that bend reality and make you feel like you’re part of the experience

Although this group broke up three years ago, their music still remains very influential in the world of K-Pop. The group's video for “Come Back Home” takes you to a futuristic world of despair, and the soft colors break away to reveal bright, psychedelic visuals that change the mood of the video into one of power and hope.

6. Dreamcatcher(????), “YOU AND I”
A coven of witches comes together to perform a ritual in this very chilling and visually stunning story. The group performs in an old and beautiful home as well as a bright, snowy wonderland, using a haunting setting against a space with a soft magical feel to it. The graphics and use of quick camera work match the energy of the song beautifully.

5. Red Velvet ????, “??? (Peek-A-Boo)”
Red Velvet has been taking over the scene, and most of their work consists of darker elements than the characteristic bright and bubbly ones of other K-Pop artists. Their video for “Peek-A-Boo” tells the tale of a group of women who hunt and kill pizza delivery drivers, until one of the members falls for an intended victim.

Be prepared to have this incredibly catchy song stuck in your head for days, and you probably won’t be too upset about it. The over-the-top sets, perfectly styled group members, and precision editing make this video a visual masterpiece.

3. BTS (?????), “? ? ?? (Blood Sweat & Tears)”
Of course there had to be a video by the pop sensation BTS mentioned on this list. This group is one of the most well-known in the K-Pop genre, taking the entire internet by storm and touring their music all over the world. Their video for "Blood Sweat and Tears" takes inspiration from ancient art, painting the members into a number of striking scenes.

2. ???(Block B), “Very Good”
An action-packed bank heist is the focus in this video for Block B’s “Very Good,” which throws a few nods at Christopher Nolan’s famous opening scene in The Dark Knight. The video begins at full speed and continues to ramp up the excitement and intensity throughout.

1. SHINee ???, “Married To The Music”
Finally, SHINee’s “Married To The Music” is a dark and hilarious tale of a Halloween party gone wrong. The video is fun and features a full group of partygoers, but the band suffers at the hand of “The Music,” who keeps stealing facial features from them. The K-Pop industry is notorious for ripping identities away from these groups, and the comedic approach to addressing that problem in this music video is endearing and important.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.