The Trucks: No, they won't sit nice and be quiet

"Move here! You guys can stay with me!"

Such was the offer of an Austin native to Seattle synth-pop band The Trucks, who rocked the stage at Tap Room @ Six on Thursday, March 15. The four-piece all-female band definitely looked like the grooviest potential houseguests ever, wearing dark green and hot pink men's undies over fishnets and crazy tops, like a skimpy hot pink bra and a shiny silver disco ball-looking shirt.

Musically, The Trucks are all about the rhythm section and the keyboards -- there was a bass player, a drummer, and two keyboardists/singers (no gee-tar here, thank you). The energy of the group never ebbed as they worked their way through the upbeat, dancy, snarky songs on their self-titled debut album (out now on ClickPop). From the pretty little murder ditty "Come Back" (which contains the priceless lyrics "I use my hands because I like it/Guns aren't bad, they're just not quiet") to the bouncy "Shattered" (where they repeatedly assert "No, I won't sit nice and be quiet") to the ghoulie groove of "Zombie," the band kept the 40 or so people that were packed into the bar dancing and screaming, with singer/keyboardist Kristin Allen-Zito shamelessly working the keys without her fake front tooth and sticking her tongue out at enthusiastic intervals. The Trucks even got the audience to clap along to two comedic a capella songs that aren't on their album ("Pervs in the Bushes" and "Johnny Cash," the latter of which asserts something along the lines of "Johnny Cash never seemed gay, how could he choose a man over me?")

When the band got offstage, they were surrounded by so many people wanting pictures and CDs that venue security yelled at the group no less than three times to hurry up and pack their gear so the next band could go on.

Fair enough. After all, The Trucks were a hard enough act to follow without cutting into the next band's loading and sound check time.

The bad news is, if you missed The Trucks on Thursday, you missed what had to be one of the most energetic, spirited performances of the night. The good news is, they're playing two more shows before the end of SxSW. You can catch The Trucks on Friday, March 16, at the SxSW Ballard Party at The Big Red Sun, and on Saturday, March 17, at the SxSW Snocap BBQ Party in Brush Park.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.