The Undoing of David Wright, the Great Tyrant, Night Game Cult, Fra Pandolf and Eat Avery's Bones

Call this one New Weird Denton 101. There's quite the Back to School promotional push in area venues this month, and Rubber Gloves' Free Week is as good as it gets. Six tasty days of mixed local and national bills culminate Saturday night, with this all-local pileup that can't be beat in terms of quality, artful intrigue and sheer stage spectacle. For the low price of nothing, prepare to get plowed by the full-bore, costumed no-wave chaos of the Undoing of David Wright. There are also two spinoffs from Denton's late, lamented Pointy Shoe Factory--the Great Tyrant, which combines Daron Beck's vampiric cabaret with the titanium-heavy cosmic prog of two ex-Yeti members, and Night Game Cult, Kyle Cheatham's karaoke-clown creepout. Fra Pandolf, fresh off tour with Notes From Underground, add an uncompromising heavy vibe to the proceedings, and Eat Avery's Bones' super-speed spazz shenanigans lead off.
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Michael Chamy

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