The Vatican Press on Metallica, LeAnn Rimes

Fort Worth's The Vatican Press has been kicking around for the past few years, sprung from a lineage of classic post-hardcore and emo. Frontman Eddie Hennessy even grew up with the guys in Jimmy Eat World, and recently reunited with his old band Haskel to open for them.

The band is preparing to release some new music this year, so what better way to kick off My First Show in 2012. Hennessy shares a few, including seeing Social Distortion at Lollapalooza, and bassist Adam Rust fondly recalls seeing Metallica and Garth Brooks (not at the same time though).

What was the first show you remember seeing? Were you with your parents? Eddie Hennessy: I went to the first Lollapalooza with some of my high school friends. We went with no parents so we could be rebellious. Adam Rust: The first show I remember was Metallica at the Tarrant County Convention Center. That was the first time I ever saw a show that huge and also, they lit someone on fire. It was pretty awesome. Mom and Dad would have never let me go to that show, so that's why I jumped out the window of our two-story house and had a friend pick me up down the street.

What was the first show you paid to see? Anything to brag about today? Hennessy: The first Lollapalooza was the first show I went to and paid like $15 to see so many great bands. I remember seeing Mike Ness live with Social Distortion and they blew me away. Rust: It was Garth Brooks, and yes, it was awesome.

What was the first show that made a major impact on you, in a good way? Hennessy: Social Distortion had a major impact on me because they were able to bring so much energy to a live show. Rust: I got to see Primus (don't remember the exact date) but I was almost close enough to touch Les Claypool. That's when I really knew that I was destined to be a bassist.

So far, what's the worst show you've ever seen? Hennessy: I appreciate all music for what it is, good or bad. Rust: As a small child my parents tortured me with LeeAnn Rimes at some country revue thing. Nothing against her or country music, but damn, it just wasn't for me.

Eddie, tell us about the first show you played with Haskel, your band in Phoenix that was labelmates with Jimmy Eat World. Hennessy:The very first show I remember playing with Haskel was a house party with kegs and the cops ended up showing up. Just out of high school we played a ton of house parties.

What do you remember about the first Vatican Press show? Hennessy: I remember my first show with The Vatican Press being at The Aardvark and it felt so right. I had compiled songs and ideas for years when my daughter was born but didn't have the opportunity to really express them until that show. It was nice to be back on stage after having a little down time. It was my first show in Texas.

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