The Whiskey Shivers' Long, Tall Video For "Gimme All Your Lovin'"

There's not just one Austin roots band that knows how to produce a video that must be watched a bajillion times to be believed. While The Possum Posse's "

Guy On a Buffalo

" series has proved to be quite the Internet phenomenon, the video for the

Whiskey Shivers

' "Gimme All Your Lovin'" is perhaps as trippy as a rootsy bluegrass can get.

I've been obsessed with this video since catching the band live last weekend at the new-ish White Horse Inn on Austin's increasingly cool Eastside. On Saturday night, in a packed room twice the size of Adair's, the Austin hillbilly string collective, featuring stand-up bass, acoustic guitar, banjo and fiddle, didn't just happen to be the band on a small stage shoved into the corner of the room. They joyfully controlled the joint, regardless of whether they were meant to be mere background noise or not.

With jig-dancing and odd combinations of drunken dosey-does on display in front of the floor level performance area, the White Horse transformed from mere bar into barn-dance. And, by the way, the group's chops and lively performance merited all the hootin' and hollerin'.

This isn't to be taken as a Dallas vs. Austin post, but as an it's-fun-to-find-new-bands post. Give the video a try, maybe look for them next time you inevitably visit your friends down South, and you'll see why I've been obsessed with these guys all week.


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