There's Something in the Water...Algae

The water here in Austin isn't helping the delicious nappyness.

It's simultaneously sticky and slippery, can leave a film, and leaves conditioner obsolete. And no matter how hard you try, that shampoo ain't coming out of your hair. Once the sweat sinks in, you're facing sticky fingers and an afternoon hit of V05.

There's a taste, too. Minerals? Maybe. I'd like to think it's so rugged and boss out here they just don't bother purifying the water in the way the city slickers are accustomed.

It turns out we're not all crazy. According to a recent press release from City of Austin Water Utility, "customers may notice an unusual taste or odor in their tap water as the result of odor-causing algae growth in Lake Austin and Town Lake."

That's supposed to be comforting?

"Austin's tap water continues to meet all regulatory standards," continued the release, "and AWU officials stress that the Austin Water Utility water is safe to drink despite taste or odor fluctuations."

Thanks, I'll stick with Lone Star.

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