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Dennis Quaid Is Coming to Billy Bob’s, but Don’t Ask Us Anything Else

Who knows what we're laughing about? Haha!
Who knows what we're laughing about? Haha!
Paige Skinner

When Dennis Quaid FaceTimed me Tuesday night, I wasn't prepared. I didn't know when he would call, let alone that this very professional journalist would be in the middle of dinner at Babe's Chicken Dinner House when he did call.

Quaid, an actor, musician, Texas native and really hot baby boomer, is coming to Billy Bob's on Saturday, March 30, to perform with his band, Dennis Quaid and the Sharks.

So when I got a FaceTime from Dennis Effin' Quaid, this writer ran out of the restaurant — napkin in hand — and quickly started recording my screen (the option on the pull-down menu on an iPhone).

I'm saying all of this because when I went to transcribe the interview, I learned there is no audio. I can see Quaid laughing at my incredibly well-timed, witty jokes, but I don't remember what was said because I was in a Babe's parking lot and didn't have a notepad with me to take notes.

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My editor is extremely angry I didn't take notes. (Editor's note: She's exaggerating. Her editor, who's seen The Right Stuff about 17 times, was thoroughly understanding. Sort of. The Big Easy is pretty awesome, but you know, Ellen Effin' Barkin.)

Here is what I do remember because five minutes with Dennis Quaid on FaceTime is something you truly never forget:

  • He has never played Billy Bob's before, but he has been there. When it first opened!
  • His band used to play 70 percent cover songs and only a few original songs, but now they play mostly original songs.
  • When he's back home in Texas, he likes to see the Houston Astros play.
  • He was wearing a Houston Astros cap when we FaceTimed him.
  • He told the story of pitching at Rangers Ballpark when he was filming The Rookie and how great it was.
  • His audience for his shows are "trans-generational and that doesn't mean they have to use a different bathroom" — I do remember that joke! He says some of his fans are millennials, the people who grew up with him on The Parent Trap, and some fans are people his age.
  • He says he finds that millennials like his son really like '70s music.
  • He goes on around 10 p.m.
  • There is no opening act.
  • He's hot and perfect and has the best smile.

Tickets are $16 and up.

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