This Asshat Gives All the Other Asshats in Native American Headgear at Coachella a Bad Name

by Nicole Pajer

We were strolling through the Coachella grounds last weekend, trying not to trip over passed out people, when we encountered this fella.

We weren't sure if it was the headdress (are people really still wearing those?), the dance moves, or the combination of both, but he coaxed us into sticking around and watching him.

A GIF of him doing his thing is below. Trust us: it's worth it.

He kept yelling "The Hives. The Hives" and pointing to the stage where the band was performing, before jumping back into his dance moves.

Just as we were starting to feel intrusive for "secretly" filming his entire routine, he winked and said, "You got that all on camera, right? Right on!"

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