This Week In Dallas Music History: Crash Vinyl is More Than Just a Gimmick

Over the years, there have been a multitude of gimmicks employed by bands to get people to listen to the music. Some stop traffic on a busy freeway and perform atop a truck, some give out free CDs at shows in exchange for an email address, and in the case of Crash Vinyl, they had two supposedly hot babes dancing in front of the stage at their shows.

This, of course, earned the band a few extra fans for all the wrong reasons in 1999, when this Zac Crain-penned story was published in the Observer. But in the longrun, things didn't pan out for the band. They rarely do for "dumb rawk and roll" acts like Crash Vinyl, who played it "as intelligently as possible, without taking all the fun out of it," wrote Crain.

Nowadays, former Crash Vinyl drummer John Jay Myers can be seen at The Free Man, the Deep Ellum restaurant/music venue that he opened earlier this year. Hit the jump to read the entire story.

Read the entire story in the Observer online archives.

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Daniel Hopkins
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