This Week In Dallas Music History: Flickerstick Impresses Audiences With Its Theatrical Live Performance

In this edition of

This Week In Dallas Music History

, we look back to 1999, when folks were gearing up for Y2K and Flickerstick was just getting started.

Long before they were on Bands On The Run, before they had ever stepped foot outside Dallas/Fort Worth, and before they had even released a record, T. Erich Scholz, bassist for The Tomorrowpeople, cited Flickerstick as one of "the best-kept secrets of the Dallas-Fort Worth Music Scene."

Said Scholz: "The band packs regional watering holes and music halls around the metroplex with its blend of hard psych-pop and theatrical, eye-catching stage show."

Throughout the article, members of Flickerstick revealed their emphasis on beefing up their live show: "From day one, it's always been about the shows," said guitarist Cory Kreig. "The shows were all we've ever had. It's not the most original thing."

But in those same quotations, the band unknowingly foreshadowed their demise, too: "I'm not a trained musician," said Kreig. "None of us are... We weren't going to impress anyone with our musical ability."

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