This Week In Dallas Music History: If Heavy Metal Ain't Dead, It Sure Acts Like It

In this edition of This Week In Dallas Music History, Robert Wilonsky responds to the uproar caused by his 1995 review of "Arlington metal-lite band" ASKA's then-new CD Immortal. Basically, ASKA fans and members sent in a handful of angry letters inquiring as to why Wilonsky was so harsh on "the best band in the world," and heavy metal in general.

And, of course, Wilonsky puts their questions to rest, saying that "this is a band in our own backyard that embodies all that is wrong (and maybe even right) with pop-metal."

He continues by comparing them to Spinal Tap and Charlie's Angels, and points out the racist subject matter that plays such a prominent role in their music. On their song "Dream In Color," lead singer George Call sings "I'm proud to be a white man in America. Glad that I'm an Aryan."

Wilonsky then uses the rest of the article talking about how metal is a dying genre.

What most impressive, though, is that ASKA is still around today. In fact, they're performing this Saturday night at The Bone in Deep Ellum. Before checking them out (or politely choosing not to do so), check out Wilonsky's entire article on them after the jump.

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