Little Grizzly, 2001

This Week In Dallas Music History: Little Grizzly's Fans Are Complete Nerds.

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This Week In Dallas Music History

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music editor Zac Crain tells the story of Little Grizzly's coming of age in 2001 as they were poised to release their sophomore album,

I'd Be Lying if I Said I Wasn't Scared

. Little Grizzly, you may recall, was a semi-legendary local band about a decade ago. Their primary fanbase, though? Total nerds.

Said lead singer George Neal at the time: "They're dorks that love watching Star Trek and listening to folk music."

And, Crain confirms, part of the band's charm was that its members didn't care who liked their music: "They do this for themselves," he wrote. "No one else factors into the equation."

Unfortunately, Little Grizzly's career, much like its songs, was short and sweet. They found an interesting juxtaposition between punk rock and folk, and with it they destroyed stages across North Texas for a few years in the early '00s.

These days, almost all of Little Grizzly's former members are still kicking around Dallas, and have moved on to several other noteworthy bands. George Neal is now a member of Denton's Slow Burners. Matt Barnhart, when he's not managing some big tour or working on a project at Echo Lab studios, is playing in Tre Orsi along with Howard Draper. Jake Barnhart is now a member of American Werewolf Academy and The Naptime Shake. And before Colin Carter moved to Seattle, he played drums for Hogpig.

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