This Week in Dallas Music History: The New Bohemians Reunite For a Best-Of Collection

This little bit of Dallas music history is timely, given Edie Brickell's performance at the Kessler Theater this weekend with her band Heavy Make-Up.

Thirteen years ago, her famous act The New Bohemians, who had released two albums on Geffen Records, with only one notable single, were defunct. But, this week in 1998, they announced that they would reunite for a greatest-hits record.

The thought of releasing a greatest hits album, with only two albums and one hit, seemed ridiculous -- at least that's what Robert Wilonsky thought. So, for this edition of This Week In Dallas Music History, we look back to one of the biggest ever Observer music WTF's.

There was something kind of fishy about the release. Brickell had ended her contract with Geffen only a year earlier, so maybe the label was trying to squeeze every dollar from Brickell's catalog while they could. Record labels were like that, remember? It wasn't all bad, though. The label gave Brickell the opportunity to pick the tracklist and to contribute a few new songs.

Read the entire thing after the jump.

If you're having trouble making out the type, check it out in the Observer online archives.

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