This Week In Dallas Music History: The Toadies Look To MTV For A National Breakthrough.

Gilbert Garcia covered a busy week for the Toadies in the March 5, 1992 edition of the Observer, in an article detailing the band's upcoming trip to the finals of an MTV-hosted battle of the bands. Aimed to help get unknown bands get some national attention, the contest, called the Dodge Rockin' Campus Bash, was hosted in Daytona, Florida. The band was to follow that gig with a performance at SXSW '92 at Emo's.

It was a portrait--perhaps unknowingly--of a band on the bring: In his write-up, Garcia mentions notes the band's similarities to the Pixies and mentioned that the band was in the process of mixing what would turn out to be the band's crowning achievement Rubberneck, released in 1994 by Interscope.

DFW music superhero George Gimarc had some choice words about the Toadies back then:

Pretty hilarious stuff in retrospect--especially considering that, as recently as this past summer, the band played to a couple thousand people at the Austin City Limits festival. And, y'know, the fact that "Possum Kingdom" is still getting play on Clear Channel Alternative Rock stations nationwide.

How does that crow-stuffed hat taste George?

After the jump, see a full scan of Garcia's piece.

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Shahryar Rizvi
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