This Week In Dallas Music History: Wanz Dover Bends Genres in the '90s... Kinda Like He Still Does Today.

In this edition of This Week in Dallas Music History, former Dallas Observer music editor Zac Crain talks with longtime Dallas musician Wanz Dover about his Melodica Festival in 1999.

The festival, which was heavy on Texas space-rock, started in Dallas. And, at this point, Dover was planning to put on the fourth annual Melodica Festival at Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth after the third installment in Austin failed. Dover described the festival as a place for many genres to come together, which is interesting because just last week we posted an mp3 for a new genre-bending track from Dover under his most recent moniker, Blixaboy.

In the article, Dover talks about how much he loved Ridglea Theater, too, which is also fitting considering the the recent troubles over that way. Says Dover: "It's the single most incredible live music venue in the eintire metroplex. It's a palace."

These days? Not so much. But at least Bank Of America didn't turn it into a bank.

Check out the article in full after the jump.

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