This Weekend's Goings On: Summerland Tour, Gigamesh, And So I Watch You From Afar and More

Summerland Tour
Saturday, July 7, at Billy Bob's Texas
This tour consists of bands that have, at one time or another, annoyed the hell out of everyone in the Western world. The lineup -- all platinum selling artists -- consists of Everclear, Sugar Ray, Gin Blossoms, Lit and Marcy Playground.

Gigamesh, Punks Jump Up

Thursday, July 5, at Rio Room
Gigamesh has remixed bands like Grouplove, Foster the People and more. Same goes for European duo Punks Jump Up, who have also made their mark as remix artists.

The Mastersons
Thursday, July 5, at Dan's Silverleaf
Husband and wife Americana duo The Mastersons will be at Dan's Silverleaf tonight. Much has been written about the band in anticipation of tonight's show, including this interview from Kelly Dearmore.

Satans of Soft Rock, Ryan Thomas Becker
Thursday, July 5, at The Common Table
Perhaps my favorite band name in the metroplex, Satans of Soft Rock will headline a show that promises to be a beer-swilling good time. Oh, and it's free.

Ledisi, Eric Benet
Friday, July 6, at Majestic Theater
Jazz singer Ledisi will be at the Majestic Theater, along with Eric Benet. It's a show worth attending if only to witness an impeccable vocalist in one of the area's finest music halls.

The Show of Cancerous and Fantastical Music Endeavors
Friday, July 6, at Queen City Hall
Audra outlined this show here, where she sang the praises of Queen City Hall's recent bookings.

Not Fugazi
Friday, July 6, at Liquid Lounge
This is not the most creative name for a Fugazi tribute act, but the fact that one exists in this city is cool. Pegasus News reports that it's the band's debut.

Ronald Shannon Jackson
Saturday, July 7, at The Kessler Theater
Ken Shimamoto has a good story in this week's print edition about the jazz great's return to Dallas.

Elements of Hip-Hop 2012
Saturday, July 7, at the Green Elephant

ASIWYFA, Zechs Marquise
Saturday, July 7, at Dada
This Parade of Flesh show features Zechs Marquise, a band with ties to At the Drive-In and The Mars Volta, as the opening act. The rhythm-heavy band will provide a good warm up for Irish instrumental post rock band And So I Watch You From Afar. This promises to be one of the best shows this weekend.

Thad Cockrell
Saturday, July 7, at Live Oak Music Hall & Lounge
Nashville recording artist Thad Cockrell is proof that the profession of slick songwriting can still be done well. Guys like Jimmy Webb perfected the craft in the '60s and 
70s, but Cockrell carries on the tradition today. If you haven't made your way out to the Live Oak Music Hall in Fort Worth, this will be a good opportunity.

The Angelus
Saturday, July 7, at Dan's Silverleaf
Live shows from The Angelus are fewer and further between these days, but the pairing of the Denton doomgaze act and the Dan's Silverleaf stage should be a good one.

Great White
Sunday, July 8, at Trees
Remember that time Great White accidentally set fire to a Rhode Island nightclub, which resulted in the deaths of 100 people? How is this band even still playing?

The Gritz
Sunday, July 8, at Sandaga 813
The Gritz is one of the top local neo soul/jazz acts in town, which makes this laid back show at Sandaga 813 a perfect way to kill the remaining hours of your weekend.

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