This Week's MP3 Round-up: PPT, Versatile, Record Hop, Ra Ra Riot, The Cut*Off

This week at DC9, we posted another vibrant round of mp3s for you to download. If you missed any of it, here's your reminder:

PPT -- "Who's That Girl"

Versatile (feat. Carmen Rodgers) -- "Dream"

Record Hop -- "Maths"

Ra Ra Riot -- "Each Year"

The Cut*Off -- "Luggage For Light Years"

Plus, we made a muxtape of old-school Dallas blues for you, we shared our favorite topless album covers of all-time, we chatted up a ukulele phenom, we told you about a Dallas rapper making the Billboard charts and, yes, we continued to speculate about those creepy Toadies videos. --Pete Freedman


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