This Week's Top Show Announcements: Erykah Badu, fun. and More

Erykah Badu's Birthday Jammy Tuesday, February 26, at Granada Theater, $25 Yesterday Deb told you about EB's quickly approaching birthday blowout at Granada. If you can afford to slink into work a little worn out the next day, go ahead and buy your tickets to the Tuesday night party now, while they're still cheap. I mean, it's Badu. It's her birthday. Let's show some local love.

Outasight Saturday, March 16, at Quiktrip Park, $45-$149

South by So What?! festival just keeps adding bands to the roster. This time around they've announced NYC's pop artist Outasight, who has been riding out the buzz generated from his Warner Bros. curated debut album,

Nights Like These


Spillover 2013 Sunday, March 17, at Sandbar Cantina, $16.61


already told you

about the first two waves of announcements for Spillover fest's quickly growing bill this spring. Here's the latest additions, which include some excellent local flavor: Baring Teeth, The Birds of Night, Lonesome Ghost and local operatic doom favorite Pinkish Black.

The Casualties, Goatwhore, Havok Saturday, March 30, at Dada, $15

Some call them legends, some say merely influential, but regardless of your punk semantics, The Casualties have come out from under a rock to tour with a couple of metalcore bands this spring. I thought it an odd pairing at first, but maybe Goatwhore and The Casualties share a cross-section of fans that I wasn't aware of. Either way, expect nothing less than high, high energy.

19th Annual Deep Ellum Arts Festival Friday, April 5 - Sunday, April 7, at Main Street, Free

It's time again to show Deep Ellum some much deserved love, by joining in its artsy fartsy festivities this spring. More than 100 bands and singer-songwriters and 200 visual artists will showcase their talents. Not many details have trickled down the line just yet, but here's something for ya: it's free.

The O's, Telegraph Canyon, I Love Math Friday, April 19, at Granada Theater, $12-$29

It seems that, since 2009, every time I turn around I see The O's listed on a flyer. The Southern rock 'n' roll boys have been hard at work and are planning to release their follow-up to 2011's

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Between the Two

. Americana favorites Telegraph Canyon and I Love Math (made up of Old 97's members) will open the show.

Foals, Surfer Blood, Blondfire Friday, April 26, at House of Blues, $20

Thank God we're finally getting something new out of Surfer Blood. Their 2010 debut LP,

Astro Coast

, has worn out its welcome in the record players of twenty-somethings across America. English rockers Foals will trade out headlining slots with Surfer Blood on their tour together this spring. L.A.'s indie pop group Blondfire will pick up the slack.

Twin Shadow, Elliphant Monday, June 24, at Granada Theater, $17

Twin Shadow is one of those synthpop bands that started a wildfire in Bushwick not that long ago, and it quickly spread to the ears of every underground and new wave lover below the Mason-Dixon line. 2012's Confess has got people reeling, so I imagine Twin Shadow's George Lewis Jr. will have his hands full with that for some time.

fun., Tegan & Sara Thursday, September 12, at Gexa Energy Pavilion, $20

Admittedly, I didn't really see this pair touring together. I guess it makes sense after all of the attention fun. has garnered in the past year, although If I hear the band's jaunty pop tune "Some Nights" one more time, I might hang myself. Tegan & Sara could actually be the perfect fit for this bill, considering their latest,


, is more '80s, poppy and synth-clad than ever.

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