This Will Destroy You to Tour With Deftones

Early in the morning on the Fourth of July, Alex Bhore, drummer for Dallas' This Will Destroy You, tweeted, "I CAN'T BELIEVE WE'RE GOING ON TOUR WITH DEFTONES." 

Kind of surprising, considering the last time they played in Denton, it seemed like the band was in the middle of a melt-down (things were better, thankfully, at the band's Homegrown Festival set). But judging by Bhore's all-caps tweet, this news is giving the stoner-drone act a fresh wind.

And, actually, the tour, the band's biggest yet, almost didn't happen.

"We had to jump through a couple of hoops to make it work," Bhore told us over the phone. "We had to cancel some European dates."

But Bhore seems happy to trade some time in the Old World for a chance to play in front of several thousand people per night.

The tour will include 10 theater shows on the east coast and in the midwest in September. Aside from earning new fans, the band's hoping the tour will help generate interest for their forthcoming record, Tunnel Blanket, which Bhore tells us should be released in early 2011.

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