Three Links Now Sells Sex Toys in the Bathroom, Because Of Course They Do

When you're out bar hopping in Deep Ellum, the bathrooms aren't usually places you want to spend too much time. And no, we're not just talking about the death trap bathrooms at Club Dada. You get in, you get out and you probably spend way more time waiting to do so than you'd prefer. But wouldn't it be way more fun if there were, say, some sex toys in the bathrooms? As luck would have it, it turns out Three Links has you covered.

If you've been in either the men's or women's bathrooms at Three Links recently, you've probably noticed the new vending machines hanging on the walls. If sex toys aren't the first thing you think of when you're attending a punk show, well, you may be doing things wrong. Cock rings and condoms in the bathroom sounds pretty punk to us. Either way, the idea seems to make surprisingly good sense for a bar like this one.

“The response has been overwhelmingly positive,” bar co-owner Scott Beggs explains. This may even be the beginnings of a new trend here in Dallas: The machines are operated by a Dallas-based company called Toybox Vending.
Beggs explains that they are “just trying to make a little money in a dead spot." He also says that it gives “our customers something fun to talk about.” It certainly does. Standing in a line for the ladies' room at a recent show, one concertgoer referenced to the inflatable sheep being sold in the men's. "It wasn't as big as I'd expected," she mused. "Turns out you can only put two fingers in it.”

On opposing territory is Mollie Reyes, who works the door at Three Links. “You can fuck it, or like, use it as a suggestion box. The possibilities are endless,” she says. According to Beggs, the sheep is the most popular purchase among bands. So, uh, now you know.

Now, we're not ones to overshare, but if – IF — we were to try any of the products being sold, we'd probably go for either the Screaming O Safe Sex Kit (vibrating ring, condom and position booklet) or the Fingertip Vibe. Both are disposable and have vibrating devices on them that last 30 to 40 minutes once turned on. Some of the offerings are so cute they look as if they could adorn the top of a bachelorette cake.

So you don't get bored, the assortment is said to change from time to time. Three Links is the pilot location for Toybox, so you won't be seeing anything like this around for a while, although the company says they may be placing a few more machines out at a leisurely pace in the future. 

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.