Tiger Darrow

Tiger Darrow may be best known for her acting work in the Robert Rodriguez Spy Kids series, and her scoring efforts on his most recent film, Machete. But Darrow is just a student at Booker T. Washington, a kid star of sorts. And only three months into 2011, the accomplished 18-year-old has already released two albums.

Her most recent record, You Know Who You Are, is an exercise in cramming a lot into only a little space. For starters, the record has an exhausting 15 songs on the tracklist. Furthermore, she makes a regular practice of squeezing four-syllable words into one-syllable spaces. To call "In Love With A Boy" a "wordy" song would be an understatement. And while you can tell the young singer is just having fun, it simply doesn't translate on record. Instead, she sounds like a sweet-voiced auctioneer, hawking the fact that she's a prolific artist.

There is potential here, though. Her voice is richer and more sultry than her age would suggest, and the fact that she produced, recorded and mixed the entire album on her own is impressive. It's just the songwriting that suffers.


Tiger Darrow

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