Tim Barry

When you think of a person who lives without running water in the low rolling hills of Virginia's Piedmont region, you likely won't make a quick or easy association between such a Spartan existence and anything remotely resembling "punk." But, for nearly 20 years, Tim Barry has displayed punk ethos in absolute spades.

Throughout the '90s and into the new millennium, Barry raged at the front of the thrashing, yet melodic Richmond-based band, Avail. Moving on to a more acoustic-based method of performing and recording as a solo artist, Barry sacrificed none of his fiery and brazen brand of preaching and story-telling. With lyrics that read as monologues of conviction or perhaps half-crazed manifestos, Barry has produced four stellar and brutal albums that aim to spare no one—and even burn the bodies after the demolition is complete.

His last two albums have been especially daring, tackling everything from lame highway patrolmen in our great state to slavery. In a live setting, Barry has garnered raves from both our maple-covered allies to the north and those on the opposite side of the Atlantic. After stopping in Dallas, Barry will take part in The Revival Tour in Australia, along with the like-minded punk turned country-folk troubadour Chuck Ragan as well as Lucero's Ben Nichols.

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