Tim DeLaughter's Preteen Zenith Project Releases "Sampler" Mashup Of Four New Tracks

For almost two months now, we've been waiting patiently for the chance to hear some music out of Preteen Zenith's camp -- you know, it being the new band from Polyphonic Spree and Tripping Daisy mastermind Tim DeLaughter and Secret Machines member Philip Karnats, and also featuring members of The Paper Chase and The Crash That Took Me, and all.

Today, we finally get a taste -- or more appropriately, a "sampling." Earlier today, our friends over at Gorilla Vs. Bear debuted a "sampler" track from the band. Called "Extraction," the just-under-four-minute track hints that the new band's direction somewhat splits the difference between Tripping Daisy and Polyphonic Spree, meaning essentially that it sounds equal parts rocking and uplifting.

Tough to say for sure, though, since, again, this "sampler" isn't an actual song. DeLaughter described it to GVB as "a few of the Preteen Zenith tracks mixed together from unmastered, rough mixes to serve as a preview for the debut performance at the Gorilla Vs. Bear Festival."

We just got a little more insight on that front, though.

Earlier today, Preteen Zenith posted to its Facebook page that a group of kids would be outside selling lemonade at Good Records this afternoon and giving away 25 limited CD copies of the track to anyone who bought something to sip on in this summer heat. We went to check out the scene -- a couple recognizable Spree die-hards were ambling about buying pink and yellow Old Country lemonade from a group of kids that turned out to be from the DeLaughter clan, but that's about it.

Inside, the store the scene was about the same. There, though, Good Records co-owner Chris Penn told us that the sampler was essentially four different Preteen Zenith songs mashed together.

Tough to tell where one ends and the other begins, but there you go. Give it a listen and download below.

Bonus MP3: Preteen Zenith -- "Extraction"

Oh, and download a new mix from Gorilla Vs. Bear featuring tracks of all the band s playing their June 23 festival right here.

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