Today In Amazing Old Press Photos: T-4-2

While I was looking through the Observer press photo vaults earlier, I found this gem. T-4-2 (or, possibly, T42), according to the Internet, "faded into the background after 1993, with two songs appearing on compilations, and only a handful of Dallas-area live gigs since. The band has no affiliation with the Luxembourg-based band of the same name."

Hmmm. Well, the fact that this was an early '90s shot is not surprising, even though it could have been taken today. I'm pretty sure I saw the guy on the left's haircut just last weekend on someone roughly 21. I'm still waiting for the full-on Lost Boys hair waterfall of the guy on the right to come back.

Looks like dance/electronic label Oak Lawn Records had a pretty decent run in the '90s, though, and now I'm sort of obsessed with finding albums from their catalog. Does anyone remember the bands on that label? Or T-4-2? Or when they had these hairstyles?

Update: T-4-2 lives!

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