Today in Music News: NIN Shares Video, Zeppelin Ain't Performing, Phish Sets A Tour, and Dre Gets Leaked

Your daily dose of national music news for Friday, January 9, 2009...

  • If you have a lot of bandwidth and extra time on your hands you can download HD footage for Nine Inch Nails shows and make your own concert video! I should've joined the high school A.V. Club when I had the chance...
  • I guess those of us not around in the '70s (or able to fly to London to see the reunion show) will never be able to see Led Zeppelin in concert. You can blame it all on Robert Plant. Thanks, Bob!
  • Looks like Phish heads across America have something to celebrate other than that fat sack of kind bud they totally got hooked up with. Vermont's phinest jam band has announced a handful of shows along the East coast. Guess you better pull out that sweet recipe for veggie burritos!
  • Dr. Dre's Detox album has taken almost 10 years to be completed... and it's still not here. But, some industrious person (read: label) has "leaked" a song off the album titled "Could Have Been You"--and apparently Dre's none to pleased about it. Meanwhile, I know where you can gets it--but I ain't tellin'. I don't need Dre's 'roid rage coming my way. --Lance Lester

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