Todd Rundgren Dedicates His Latest Album to Memory of the Late Frankie 45

There are at least two notable local music connections to noted pop experimentalist Todd Rundgren.

The first is the fact that Neon Indian's chillwaves rode not one, but two Rundgren samples on their debut album Psychic Chasms, with "Deadbeat Summer" using some of Rundgren's "Izzat Love?" track and "Local Joke" biting his "How About a Little Fanfare?" song.

The second is the fact that Kettle Art gallery owner Frank Campagna is a close friend of Rundgren's and was the guy behind booking Rundgren to play Trees last year.

Now, that second connection has spawned a third.

Earlier this year, Rundgren released an album called reProductions in which he re-imagines hit songs released by bands he's produced -- acts such as the Psychedelic Furs, Badfinger, XTC Meat Loaf and others. Yesterday, the folks over at Spinner posted an interesting Q&A with the man about the new release.

What you won't find in that interview -- or anywhere else except for the liner notes for the album -- is the fact that the new disc is dedicated to the memory of Campagna's late son, Frankie Campagna.

Before his early death, the younger Campagna had been in talks with Rundgren to audition to play on the album. For obvious reasons, that unfortunately never happened.

Still, in a touching tribute, Campagna's name pops up in the album's liner notes nonetheless.

Classy move.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.