Tomorrow Night's Buju Banton Concert To Face Protest From Gay Community

Reggae music is all about the good vibes. Unless you're Buju Banton.

In his case, the vibes being sent his way by the LGBT community? They're quite bad.

The reggae star has been inciting the ire of the gay community for decades--ever since the release of "Boom Bye Bye," which he has since promised to remove from his set list. Only, even that much isn't calming the storm.

As recently as last month, Banton was booked to play a gig at Victory Park's House of Blues--until, apparently due to pressure from the gay rights organizations across the country, the club canceled the show.

But the ban on Banton in Dallas hasn't held: Deep Ellum club Trin-City/ Palm Beach Club picked up the gig and scheduled it for tomorrow night. And the Dallas gay community is outraged.

In short: "Buju Banton is a jerk," Daniel Cates, co-founder of Equality March Texas, told DC9.

Resource Center Dallas, in partnership with Equality March Texas, has organized a protest for tomorrow evening from 7 to 9 p.m. across the street from the night club. In turn, the club appears to be using the protest as part of its marketing efforts.

According to reports, at least a dozen of Banton's concerts have been canceled on his nationwide tour.

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